Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

It's snowing and blowing outside and so it's a good day to be inside. I should be setting up "Ye Olde Artificial Christmas Tree" but instead I am here at the computer. I decided to set up a new blog. I love the Christmas season and so what better way to celebrate than share some Christmas thoughts each day. :-)  I'm going to count down the days to Christmas starting tomorrow. Here's a glimpse of Christmas last year and no that's not in our yard. It's the tree that stands next to City Hall in downtown Henderson, MN. It was so pretty that day that I snapped several pictures. Love how the tree pops with color and the rest of the scene seems to be black and white. It's not photoshopped....that's just the way nature painted the scene!

I'll be back tomorrow with some Christmas thoughts to share.

Sandi Claus