Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorating for a White Christmas!

While the snow fell outside, I was warm and cozy inside. My husband finally got to the light strings that needed some help and so I was able to decorate this little tree in a corner of our dining room. If you go over to my quilting blog, you can read all about this little tree. These ornaments are ones I set aside last year when I was thinking I'd do a tree that was all silver, white and gold. Now I'm thinking maybe that will be next year when I do that. Time will tell. :-) Anyway, this tree is sparkly and looks very sweet in the dining room. I'm going to be watching the after-Christmas clearance for a slightly bigger tree for the dining room. Some folks shop for great buys in clothes after Christmas. I am always shopping for next year's Christmas cards, gift wrap, trees, wreaths, etc. I love Christmas and quilting more than I do clothes shopping. :-)
And speaking of clothes............
can you guess what my tree skirt is made from?
It's a skirt!! Yep, it's a tree skirt made from an old wool skirt. I've had this one for years and just cut a slit in the back so that I could drape it around the base of the tree and cover up the plywood piece that keeps the tree solid. I was always going to make a fancy tree skirt but I figured why bother when I cover it up with gift boxes, bags, etc. You'll see what I mean when I post a picture tomorrow of what it looks like under the tree now.
It's been a long day. I mean, after all, this big snowstorm was pretty exciting! I'm writing this just after midnight so think it is time to get some sleep. No church in the morning as it's been cancelled along with most other things this Sunday. Once those plows are out, though, I'll bet there will be folks headed to the malls. At least that's what the shop owners will be hoping for so they can recoup some of the lost sales from today. I won't be one of them. Too cold for me. I'm going to be working on my Christmas letter and some Christmas gifts. Have a lovely Sunday!
Sandi Claus

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