Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A tree grew in my living room!

I procrastinated most of the day yesterday about setting up "Ye Olde Artificial Christmas Tree" but I finally told myself about 4:00 in the afternoon that I better get to it. None of Santa's elves were around to help so it was just me and the dog. Funny thing is that it only took a couple hours to set it up and yet.......... I seem to remember in years past that it took longer and was more work. I'm not sure what changed, except maybe my attitude. :-)  Here is the tree, all put together............

The tree is about 8 feet high and has been with us since about 1994. We got it at a place called Seasonal Concepts. I wanted a bigger tree that would hold all the ornaments that I've made and collected. Plus I wanted a tree with firm branches. The tree that we had previous to the one was what I called a "bottle-brush tree". It came to us free and we had it for almost 20 years before it became obvious that it had to go.  You see, the poor tree had branches that flopped and so you'd get the garland on and then the ornaments and pretty soon a branch would turn and the garland would sag.........then you'd fix that and another branch would twist and no amount of garland could keep the branches linked in place. It was comical, and yes, you had to see it to know how comical it really was.
The tree in this photo is also nearing it's time to go. It doesn't look to bad in this photo but it sheds plastic pine needles as if it were a real tree. I put the branches that are the most bare to the back of the tree. :-)  Maybe next year we will get a new tree, although I've been saying that for three years now. LOL!
Someday, I'd like to have a real tree, but my other half is not in favor of it. I remember real trees from when I was a kid. There was a sweet smell to them that no artificial tree can match. Of course, no artificial tree can match the unique shape that some real trees have either. I remember one year when my dad almost forgot to buy the tree and so pickings were slim. It wasn't the best shaped tree that year but that didn't matter when it came to celebrating Christmas.
Tonight, I'll add lights to the tree and share some more thoughts. I love the Christmas season and just wanted to share the joy it brings.
See you again tomorrow........
Sandi Claus


  1. Our artificial tree needs replacing, too. I loved the days when we'd go out in the fall and "tag" a tree at a Christmas tree farm and then go back the week before Christmas and cut it down. There was also a time when NO tree was in the house (or decorated) until the kids were asleep on Christmas Eve. It was a great treat to see them spy it for the first time on Christmas morning, was TOO tiring for us to get the tree in and decorate it AND get the gifts all in place within a reasonable amount of time so we cold get SOME sleep that night. I also enjoy having the tree up for a good length of time, so artificial was the way to go for us. I'll look forward to seeing your tree decorated in a photo here soon.

  2. We always have two trees - one real for my hubby with only glass balls and lights on it and one prelit artificial for me. I like the plastic one because it is strong enough to hold my heavier ornaments without the sagging. I can also put it up right after Thanksgiving and not worry about it dying before Christmas.