Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let there be light!

My husband stopped at Menard's and bought new lights for our Christmas tree. It was awesome to trim the tree with lights that all worked when I was all done hanging them. In years past, the red, white and green lights that he likes so much, would burn out by the time I got them on the tree. I decided to take a couple pictures with the lights brightly shining on the tree. I tried a couple different settings.............hmmmm...looks like little white bows or airplanes on the tree and a comet at the top of the tree.........
 This one was a little better but the comet is still there...........
I think I will need to get out the manual and figure out how to take a picture of the lighted tree like the ones I see in magazines.  This one is just taken with the flash and you can't really see the lights like I wanted.
You can at least see that there is no comet at the top of the tree. That's a star ornament that we nicknamed the "pizza light" years ago. My husband bought it and every light in it was a different color. I couldn't put it at the top of the tree. It was like a ferris wheel, it was so bright!! I removed every colored light and put in all white lights and that's the way it's been for the last fifteen years. So, next come the ornaments. It takes me two days to put all the ornaments on the tree. I look at each one and remember where I bought it or when I made it. I'll share a whole bunch of them here on this little blog. One of the reasons I started this new blog was to write the story of my Christmas decorating so I can give it to my daughter and the other reason is so that I can learn how to use the new blogger. I am not technical and it takes me a long time to figure things out. I blogged for almost a year and a half before I knew you could pre-schedule posts. Seems like every day, I learn something new about blogging.  Never imagined I'd be doing this and only wish I had not hesitated so much before I finally started blogging. It's fun, easy and you meet so many interesting people and learn so much!
See you next post with some ornament fun!
Sandi Claus


  1. The tree looks terrific with its new lights. I'll look forward to you sharing some of your ornaments (and their stories) with us here!

  2. I'm glad you started blogging, too! :-)
    The new lights look great. I grew up with the big redbluegreengold bulbs and loved our trees, but I like the little clear lights now. Do you remember when the little lights were just beginning to become popular? I think I was in college then, so maybe you were in jr high. Anyway, I remember how scandalized some of the older folks were that anyone would put those "liquor store" lights on their tree. The little lights were a common window dressing in the local bottle shops in1 our area back then. I am looking forward to reading your stories as you decorate your tree. I like to reminisce, too, as I decorate the tree, but this year I won't be getting the tree out. I have "done something" to my back and just faced reality today that the tree needs to stay packed this year. That's ok; I'll enjoy yours and other around.