Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two of my favorites!

I have lots of favorites in my ornaments but these two are two ornaments that I really like.

There are two reasons that I like these ornaments. First reason is that they are unique. Second reason is that I bought them when I went to a craft show with my daughter several years ago. The minute we spotted these ornaments, we both had to buy one of each. They are cut from logs and then the maker cut out part of the log slice to make one a Snowman ornament and one a Santa ornament. I don't know the name of the maker but we bought them at farm craft sale north of Waseca, MN in September of 1996. It was called "A Touch of Country Class" and featured a barn full of craft items and other little outbuildings just loaded with fun crafts and gift items. We had a wonderful day together and enjoyed gorgeous fall weather and just an all-around good "mother/daughter" day together. :-)
I didn't do any decorating on Friday. I went grocery shopping in the morning and then home to unpack and then out the door again with my husband. We went furniture shopping for living room furniture. Our current furniture is stuff that we bought in 1985. It just seems to last forever and I am way tired of it. Amazingly, we found some things we liked and we were really fortunate that the sales associate we were working with really understood what style we were looking for. Someone had checked out the upholstery samples for the sofa we liked so we'll go back again after Christmas and check them out ourselves! We're in no hurry. The current sofa has lasted this long, so I'm sure it will last a little longer! Then we went to a party hosted by one of my husband's co-workers and got to drive home in blinding snow. You may have already read about that over on my regular blog. It was not fun. Snowplows were out in force and I am sure it will be that way even through the day Saturday.  While I was grocery shopping my husband was repairing light strings. Looks like I can get back to some more decorating on Saturday afternoon.
Later then.......
Sandi Claus

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  1. I love those log slice ornaments. I have a log-slice ornament that is from some kind of tree from the Holy Land and the ornament is the Holy's really pretty. GREAT that you found furniture you like...can't wait to hear more about it as you proceed with that.