Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oops! too fragile!

One of the things I'm doing to inventory my ornaments is to take photos of "like items". I set out these ornaments that were all bought for just a dollar each at Dollar Tree about 2003. Many of them can still be found in their stores now.

Each one has it's own velvet box.
One of those boxes will be empty when I pack up the ornaments this year because unfortunately I clinked the Santa ornament to close to the Tree ornament and it shattered. :-(  I remember buying more than a dozen of these and giving them as gifts that year.
Some ornaments are special and I even wrote notes so I would remember why........
I remember buying this glass ball ornament at our Snyder Drug store one Sunday after church. It was a time when our church membership was dwindling and our congregation would eventually be disbanded but I wanted to remember that special Sunday. ;-)
With the tree all decorated, I took a day off from Christmas decorating and just enjoyed the afternoon with my friends in our Bible Study group. I thought about putting lights along the front porch railing and then thought better of it because it was so cold!  I never did get to the dining room tree so I can do that today and leave the outdoor stuff til this weekend. My husband said he'd do it so I may just let him!
Hope you are enjoying these days up to Christmas!
Sandi Claus


  1. Dollar Tree is the best of all the Dollar Stores. Your tree looks beautiful, I never did comment on yesterdays post. It is huge and so many decorations

  2. I, too, have written on many of my ornament boxes! You have some great memories and some great ornaments to go along with them.