Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ta Da! The tree is decorated!

Finally, I finished decorating the Christmas Tree. I think there are about 400 ornaments on the tree. And if you are wondering if I decorate the backside.....yep, I do because if someone was peeking in the window, I would want them to see the tree decorated from there, too.
I was doing some picture taking as I put on the ornaments so that I can do a really good inventory of them but I decided that it was taking too long. I decided, I will take pictures of sections of the tree each day and then can document where the ornaments came from or who made them. Here a few photos I took that I thought I'd share......
In the photo above is one of the oldest ornaments on my tree and is a felt Santa that my mother made for our daughter Collette in 1972. I made that snowman you see in both of these photos. If you'd like to know how to make that snowman, go here for a detailed photo tutorial.
Another favorite ornament is that clothespin pony that I remember buying at a craft sale sometime in the 1980's. I was with my friend, Sandy, and we often went to craft sales together so it reminds me of her every time I see it, plus I think it's just as cute as can be. Double-click on the photo and you can see how the clothespins were cut to make the pony.
This little vintage felt cottage reminds me of a felt wallhanging that my mother-in-law did many years ago. Sadly that disappeared from her room when she was at a care facility. This one was just a dollar at a local thrift shop and by the mushroom cottage look of it, I would guess it's from the 1970's.
In the photo above is a little German doll bought on a trip overseas and on another trip, I bought the little couple in the photo below when we visited the Black Forest in Germany. I only get them out at Christmas and love to just sit them in the branches so they can keep company with some of the other ornaments we bought in Germany.
That's all for today. Next up is to decorate the front porch. Then again, we may wait on that as it's to be pretty cold here in Minnesota. Maybe, I'll decorate a little tree in the dining room. :-)
Sandi Claus

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  1. Sweet! The tree looks great, you really do have a ton of ornaments! Those German ones are so cute!