Friday, December 10, 2010

The oldest ornaments on my tree............

I got to wondering which ornaments are the oldest on my tree and I think these are it. They are all ornaments that were given to me by my husband's mother, Ora. They are pre-1968 because that's when I met my husband and she put them on her tree then. I suspect they are from the 1950's/1960's.

Ora and Steve's dad, Ed, co-owned an old-fashioned variety store in the town of Humboldt, Iowa.  Their partners were Ora's sister, Norma and her husband, Floyd, who was always called Tuffy, never Floyd. :-)  Anyway, the two "girls" basically grew up that old store, Clayton's Variety Store, because they bought it from their parents, William and Lulu Clayton. It's quite likely these ornaments came from Clayton's Variety Store. I have a couple of quilt tops made from fabric that came from Clayton's. I remember going into the store in the late 60's and early 70's and loved that feel of the old-fashioned variety store. We're fortunate to have one not far from us and whenever I go in there, I am remind of Clayton's and even more of the variety, and also what we called "The Dime Store" when I was a kid. I think I know why I like the Dollar Store so much. It reminds me of "The Dime Store"!!
Some of my decorating is "on hold" due to the need to get some light strings working. Lots going on around the household and my Mr. Claus has not had time to fix the light strings. I arranged some "fake gifts" under the tree this evening so that it looks like there are lots of goodies there. The "fake gifts" are just a couple gift-wrapped boxes that hold Christmas craft supplies so they are right where I can find them if I want to make up a gift ornament. And then there are gift bags that I fill with the regular knick-knacks that are on end tables and shelves that I remove to put up Christmas stuff. This way, I'm not tucking them in some cupboard and then can't find them. When I take down the tree, and pack away all the Christmas stuff, I just unpack those gift bags and put the regular knick-knacks back in place. I'm thinking that Ms. Martha hasn't even thought of that idea. LOL!
Snow is in the forecast for us on Saturday so Mr. Claus will be homebound and should be able to get those light strings working and I get to the finish line on my decorating. We shall see!
Sandi Claus


  1. What a clever way to store the 'everyday' decorations! I'm always looking for a place to store them for December. Now I know where they will go! I loved the old 'dime store' - I did all of my shopping there when I was a child. We had an old fashioned Ben Franklin (not the newer craft store) until about 10 years ago, and I made it a point to go in there several times a year, just because. I was so sorry to see them close.

  2. Brilliant storage idea for the non-holiday doo-dads. No climbing into the attic or toting to the basement.
    You know, "Dollar Store" just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Dime Store." I hung on to "Dime Store" for years and had a hard dropping it even when Dime Stores were no more. "Variety Store" just didn't cut it. :-p
    Oh, for an old Woolworth's around the corner. sigh
    Merry Christmas