Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lights out!

I had this plan that I would set up the tree one day and add the lights the next day. My plan was to add the lights to the tree last night, after I returned from the CrecheFest program. My plan was thwarted early yesterday when I went to check the light strings that go on the big tree. Everyone of them has a problem. In addition to the tree being fairly old, so are the lights. We bought them at the same time we bought the tree. My husband has "doctored" them along but I think they may be beyond "doctoring" now. It's time to buy new lights and that won't happen for a couple days and soooooooooooo....... I switched plans. :-) After I got home from the CrecheFest, I baked up the cookie dough that Collette mixed for me this past weekend. Those little cookie goodies will be going along with me to our Crazy Quilting potluck this evening. :-)
The cookie dough is basically a chocolate drop cookie recipe that has 1 teaspoon peppermint extract added to it. You roll the cookies into one inch balls and then bake them for about ten minutes. When they come out of the hot oven, you plop a peppermint candy kiss in the middle and let set til cool. Then get a glass of milk and gobble a couple because they are sooooo good. They are similar to the peanut butter blossom cookies that have milk chocolate kisses in the middle. They are also a yummy cookie. :-)

Since I couldn't add lights to the tree, I decided to decorate some wreaths for the outside of our house that will hang to each side of the garage doors. This pile of artificial greenery and pretty ribbon (bought at 90% off after Christmas last year!).................
became this after I "fluffed" the branches and made the bows.

I'll "fluff" the bows some more just before I hang them. I took a couple photos as I made the bows. Does anyone want to know how I did the bows? I can post photos if you are interested.
I am not sure what I will do today (Thursday). I think I'll just wait and see what I find when I go to the Christmas closet. :-)
Sandi Claus 


  1. Your wreath looks very nice and I'd love to see how you made the bows. And the cookies....well....I think people could gain weight just looking at that photo!!! LOL

  2. I agree with everything Pat said! I would love to see how you make your bows, and your cookies look delicious.