Monday, December 13, 2010

Underneath the tree.............

Can you find my wool tree skirt? 
I can't either!! Once I add a few gifts and set my manger scene in place, the wool tree skirt is no longer visible. Not all of these packages are real gifts. I am the "Queen of Fake Gifts"! LOL! Only a few are gifts in fact, but some hold the gift tags, ribbon, tape, etc. And another bag holds gifts to wrap. Yet another holds a craft project that I may or may not get finished before Christmas. Some of the bigger bags hold the knick knacks that were on the end tables and removed for Christmas candy dishes, etc. I think I already covered that aspect but when the tree comes down and the ornaments and decorations are packed away, the regular knick-knacks come out of the gift bags and go back to their year round places on the end tables. Clever, huh?

I've talked about my manger/creche scene before and it is placed where I have set it for a number of years.........under the boughs of the tree, with the glitter star my daughter made many years ago, propped against a branch. There is comfort in the familiar routine of favorite customs and traditions. :-)

Sandi Claus

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  1. HEY...I like that idea of putting the year-round knick knacks in a Christmas gift bag and making them part of the Christmas decor!!! Woo-Hoo...have to remember that one next year!!!